The Adventures

Lions And Tigers And Bears

Released 1993

Catalog Number 5128582


Track Listing

1 Monday Monday

2 Marianne

3 Raining All Over The World

4 Come The Day

5 I Dont Want To Play This Game No More

6 The Only World I Know

7 This Crazy Heart

8 Impossible You

9 I Really Dont Mind

10 Here It Comes Again

11 Too Late For Heaven

12 Say Im Sorry

13 Perfect Day


The next to each song are my personal marks out of five for each song.
I have tried to be objective as possible and not give every song 5 marks but should give you an idea of which songs I prefer on each album although every song is still fantstic compared to other artists.

Q Review

The Adventures Lions & Tigers & Bears

It's seven years since their debut and it really is about time The Adventures (now a four-piece) cracked it. Their incredibly catchy bubblegum pop-all dippy melodies, chiming guitars and keening vocals-demands it to the point where signs of desperation are detectable on this fourth album. Some songs, like Raining All Over The World or I Really Don't Mind seem to be all chorus; the eager to please guitar solo on Marianne glibly quotes Je T'Aime...Mai Non Plus, and the cover of Monday Monday, while enjoyable in a mid-paced, swinging sort of way, seems to have a purely commercial raison d'etre. Elsewhere, the '60s pastiche becomes laughable - especially on the Freddie And The Dreamers-ish Impossible You. But it would be a curmudgeon indeed who couldn't find something to enjoy: the relatively austere, synth-driven Come The Day, perhaps, or the ballad, I Don't Want To Play This Game, which has such a sweetly chorded chorus you could listen to it for hours.