The Adventures

Trading Secrets With The Moon

Q Magazine - 3 Stars -

Track Listing

1 Your Greatest Shade Of Blue

2 Bright New Morning

3 Scarlet

4 Washington Deceased

5 Loves Lost Town

6 Desert Rose

7 Don't Blame It On The Moon

8 Hey Magdalane

9 Sweet Burning Love

10 Never Gonna Change

11 Put Me Together Again

The next to each song are my personal marks out of five for each song.
I have tried to be objective as possible and not give every song 5 marks but should give you an idea of which songs I prefer on each album although every song is still fantstic compared to other artists.

Album Details

record label Elektra Entertainment

orig. release n/a release date 02/16/1990

producer Clive Langer; Alan Winstanley

mono/stereo Stereo studio/live Studio

running time 48:42

available No


Q Review

The Adventures Trading Secrets With The Moon

The Adventures, who formed five years ago in Belfast, gained Top 20 status with 1988's single Broken Land, but the six-piece's third LP finds them moving away from bittersweet, mainstream folk-pop, to more traditional Celtic melodies, seasoned by occasional blasts of downhome, rootsy country picking, silvery violins and mournful pedal-steel guitars. The mood here is either resolutely up or distinctly furrowed of brow: typical of the former are Bright New Morning and Washington Deceased; of the latter the haunted Desert Rose (written with Lloyd Cole), and Don't Blame It On The Moon, where with an astrology book in his pocket and head full of William Butler Yeatsian poesy, singer Terry Sharpe consoles his lover. Eleven softly lilting songs to take the fancy of star-children everywhere.